Thursday, March 24, 2011

Norah vs. iPhone

Norah has become addicted to watching movies and playing games on our iPhones. It has gotten to the point that we are having to limit her time with the phone otherwise she would be on it day and night. She has even start speaking the word "phone", ok right now it sounds more like "thone" but she is VERY close. The problem we are running into is that Norah knows that if she verbalizes the sentence, "I want phone." that she will almost always get it because we are trying to encourage her language use. She has us right where she wants us!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Year Milestone

On March 9th Norah had been with us for two whole years!
In just two short years she has:
* Had to leave behind EVERYTHING she knew.
* Go through the culture shock of a new place.
* Get a whole new family for at least the 3rd time in her short life.
* Learn a new language. (Sign).
* Get two cochlear implants.
* Start learning to speak.
* See enough specialists to choke a horse.
and so on and so on......
Through all of this she has been, for the most part a REALLY happy little girl.
She still does not stop. She goes from dawn till she face plants late at night. She is starting to speak some of her limited oral vocabulary very clearly. Her signing has surpassed mine. She is slowly becoming a Daddy's girl. She loves her brother, Nana and Popi. Her favorite food is anything sweet, mashed potatoes run a close second followed by vanilla yogurt. She has also developed a wicked sense of humor and loves to tease us and make jokes and tell us that we are "funny".
I really can't remember what life without her was like anymore. Don't think I want to either.
We also want to remember that our good fortune of having Norah in our family is only possible because someone had to give her up. Norah also had to go through some very traumatic years pretty much on her own. We have so many questions that we want to ask her about her life before us. I only hope that when and if she is willing to share that with us that she will find some comfort in having landed in our little circus of a family.