Friday, December 30, 2011

Seattle Aquarium

We are having lots of fun running around with Mike, Melissa and Eli this week. Norah and Eli have really taken to each other and are enjoying having someone to play with each day. Having them all here has made our first Christmas in Seattle a special one.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas

 I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We had a great time and I was even able to catch a few pictures of Norah. The one with Roman sums up their relationship, Norah is really excited about having a kitty again while Roman is still  very reluctant about the whole thing. Norah got some nice gifts this Christmas, including an actual mermaid tail! (Thank you Mike and Melissa) She has had to wear it in the tub every night since she got it.

 We were also very lucky to have Mike, Melissa and Eli come to visit. Eli and Norah play very well together and seem to have developed a real fondness for each other. Eli told his Mom and Dad that Norah is family and Norah told me that she loves Eli. It is so sweet to watch them together.

We had to eat our Christmas dinner the day after Christmas because our power went out on Christmas day. We all ended up driving around till we could hunt down a Chinese food resturant on Christmas day to eat dinner at. The food was yummy and the company was even better. If we had had a lamp with a fishnet stocking on it would have been like scene out of A Christmas Story.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

The December Catch-Up

 After 87 pictures I finally got two decent ones! Norah decorated the Christmas tree this year all by herself. She did a fabulous job and may from this point on be the holiday decorator in our house. Her school is out from now till after the New Year so we went out and stocked up on crafts and games for the first week off, THEN the second week we will get to spend with Mike, Melissa and Eli! Yeah!
 We also have a new addition to our family this week. Introducing Roman. Roman is a 3 year old Bengal/Tabby mix. He is getting used to us and we are getting used to him right now. He seems to be a very sweet boy and has already let Norah pet him several times without incident. Which is saying A LOT. We were thinking about a kitten but they are so small and delicate. Roman can hold his own with Norah, so it was a purrfect (Ha!) fit. I am really glad to have a cat around the house again as I have really missed Kitty. Roman came to us from a very caring Mom and Dad that could not provide what he needed and found him a new home. Lucky for us.
The other night Norah and I were coming in from running an errand. I had both hands full so she was hanging on the string from my sweatshirt like usual. Normally we have Norah walk beside or in front of us but that night she was trailing behind me and distracted by trying to play on my phone and walk at the same time. Well, Norah also happens to be the perfect height to smack her forehead on the metal, yes metal, fire extinguisher box in the hallway, which is exactly what she did. This luckily just resulted in a small goose egg. The corner of the box is sharp and could have very easily cut the skin . After some, ice, ibuprofen and holding she was just fine. Now I have to find some sort of foam to hot glue to the corners so that it doesn't happen again.
The surgery center has been very busy lately. Everyone is trying to get their surgeries done before the end of the year since their deductibles are paid up. I am sure this coming week will be hectic but I am off the whole week of Christmas! Yeah! We are all going to use that week to play and hang out with our friends and have a good time. Have a good week everyone.


Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dress Up

Norah playing "Dress Up" with Glen's glasses.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

WalMart Santa

Norah is totally jazzed about Christmas this year. We bought a small five foot Christmas tree at WalMart and then let Norah do all the decorating. She had a blast and the tree turned out great. She keeps signing to us that Santa Claus is coming but we have to wait. We have another Advent calendar up to help her count down the days. It really seems to help her grasp how long the wait is and lets her build up the excitement for Santas arrival with presents. She even told me today that Santa is going to come down our chimney with presents. She was so excited to see Santa at WalMart that she literally leaped into his lap. Now if we could just find a Santa that knows SEE she could give him her list for Christmas.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

This is our first Thanksgiving away from my family in 20 years. I have not had to actually cook for Thanksgiving dinner in 20 years. I make the deviled eggs and veggie platter, my Mom does everything else. Yeah MOM! So we are now in the situation where we have to man up so to speak and cook our own dinner. Sad, I know. I can feel the sympathy oozing off of all of you that have been hard at work in your kitchen for a week getting ready for this event. Our dinner is going to be simple this year due to the fact that the kitchen in this apartment is terrible and if you set the stove higher than 350 the fire alarm goes off. This kitchen was NOT made to cook in. There is also no prep space. Anyway, I called my parents house this afternoon and talked to my brother and Boo while everyone else worked on their dinner preperations. This is the text that I got while still talking to my brother on the phone.

It is a picture of the turkey that they just took out of the oven. Do you think that they are rubbing it in? I think they are trying to lure us back with pictures of the bird. It might work if there was a decent school there for Norah.
We are thankful that we have family that loves us enough to try and bribe us with turkey. I think I can smell it from here.
Other things that we are thankful for:
Boo and Jess
Mom and Dad
Eugene and Bronwyn
Anli and her family
Mike, Melissa, Eli and Maggie
all of our extended family
Norah's school
The teachers at Norah's school
A roof over our heads
Enough money to pay our bills
My job
Norah's cochlears
Sign language (SEE and ASL)
Pleanty of food to eat
Our health
This list could go on forever and expand to include thing like the sun and the moon, ect.
We are very fortunate in many ways.
Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wow! I haven't posted in a while.

This is my favortie picture of Boo and Norah.

I have been BUSY my friends. The surgery center is hopping! After only NINE days of orientation I have been on my own all this week. YEAH! In some ways I like that and in some ways I am like "What the heck are you people thinking." So far it is moving right along. Glen found me a surgical instrument app so that when I come across something that I don't know I can look it up. It has been very helpful. I have to say, even though hearts are stressful I still miss knowing what is going on and where all of my supplies are and what the Dr. might need next. There is a lot of comfort in that. It will just take me a while to get to that point at the new place.

Norah has been doing well at school. She is starting to pronounce the words that she uses now more clearly. At school that is. When she is at school she talks more and clearer than when she is at home. We really have to keep on her because she will get lazy at home and just grunt and point because she knows that we know what she wants. She has even thrown out a few new signs that she learned at school but that we do not know yet.

Glen has been attempting to hold down the fort and deal with appointments and put the truck back into the shop. So he has been busy as well.

We have gotten down a routine where Glen and Norah drop me off at work in the mornings on most days and then pick me up after I call and tell them that I am done for the day. A huge bonus is that work is not to far away so if I have to I can walk home. I tried to convince Glen to just let me ride my bike in the mornings but it is very dark right now in the mornings and I guess he doesn't want his sugar mama getting hit by a bus. That's another thing, I am trying to figure out the bus routes here and I guess that I am just going to have to get on one and ride around to find the best ones in case I need to take the bus to work. In the summer though I am TOTALLY riding my bike.

We are going out today to look around at houses and see what is available in our price range. It should be fun. I will try to remember to take some pictures because I have been sorely lacking in that department.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Snapshot Saturday.

I totally missed Photo Friday! There is way to much going on right now. So here is Snapshot Saturday! Ha! I guess if I miss I can just make up a new name. It works that way for adults right?

This picture was on Glen's phone from earlier in the summer. Norah went from not even wanting to get her feet wet to running around picking up anything and everything off the beach.


Monday, October 31, 2011


Norah went as a mermaid this year. Since we don't know where the good trick or treating neighborhoods are this year, we opted for a local mall where the different stores were handing out candy. The apple store was not participating. Apparently they did not make enough money off all the new iPhones to allow them to hand out some candy. Boo! There were so many cute costumes. It was a lot of fun.

P.S. I started a new job today. It is at a small ambulatory surgery center. I was very fortunate to find employment after looking for only a week. Now just 90 more days and we will actually have health insurance again. Yeah!

P.S.S. We really missed having Boo with us for Halloween. Love you Boo.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Testing uploading photos from my iPhone.

I have been carrying this thing around for awhile and thought I would see how easy or hard it is to post some thing form my phone.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Friday: Pink Pigs and Presents for Nana and Popi

 This is Norah's entry for the pumpkin decorating contest at school. She came up with the pig paint job. All I did was figure out the ears and curly tail. The kids were not supposed to carve into the pumpkins but of course somehow Norah's ended up with a suspicious pencil sized hole in it. Hmmmmm, I wonder how THAT happened.

 Norah loves getting presents in the mail from Nana and Popi. Also look at her face in these pictures. Besides the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous her face is starting to change again. She is looking more like a young girl than a baby or toddler.

Thank you Nana and Popi.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zoo Days

 I really needed a sticker that said $2.00 each on it to put underneath this. The lizard in the exhibit looked like he would have totally gone along with it.
 Norah attempting to hatch the fake penguin eggs in the fake penguin nest.
 Yep! Looks like a big cow bone to me too.
 Norah and Glen in front of the big three dimensional crocodile picture in the reptile house.
This little gem was in the corner of the crocodile picture. Wasn't it nice of the one frog to give the other frog a piggy back ride. HAHAHAHA!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Truck Door Public Service Announcement

This is what happens when you try to open the truck door in a hurry, without  making sure your knee is out of the way.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Negotiations at the Pumpkin Patch

Norah and Ariel talking about which one of them is going to pose for a picture.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Have Found a Pumpkin Patch!

 Anyone that knows us, knows that we LOVE Halloween and fall. So of course along with having to find new doctors, dentists, beauticians, ect we are having to find new Halloween/Fall things to do and places to visit. Well, we will have to look no further for a pumpkin patch. Stocker Farms has it all! We were there for over three hours. It was amazing and Norah had a blast!

 That's her in that big cage. This is the same kid that didn't know how to climb play equipment or walk without falling on uneven ground when we got her.
 There was even a little trout fishing pond. Norah is an all out fisher woman. She even asked us if she could go fishing when we were visiting the Seattle Aquarium earlier this year.
 Woohoo! She caught one.
 The object of the game here is to get your little plastic duck down the trough by pumping the trough full of water.

 What you don't see here is that Ariel the mermaid is buckled in next her in the cart.

 Norah likes riding the little ponies. This year she told Glen to "go away". She didn't need anyone to walk next to her so that she wouldn't fall off.
 Norah walked all over the pumpkin patch knocking on the pumpkins and then sticking her ear on them. I guess she was hoping one would ask her to take it home with her.
In the end Norah decided to go with little pumpkins this year. She actually negotiated us up from just three little pumpkins to five. She may be a lawyer in the making. You can also see how red my hair is here. YIKES! Oh well, it's just hair.....right?