Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching up!

We FINALLY have our internet/e-mail capabilities back up! Here are some pictures of the trip out here from Arkansas. I will be trying to get caught up on all the email I was supposed to be doing at some point at the beginning of this week. You would think with being unemployed at the moment, that I would have just gobs of free time floating around just begging for something to do....HA! I think that I need to find a job just to get a break from this craziness!

 Kansas... Good job Kansas for using your mondo supply of wind for energy.
 We stopped by Norah's adoption agency in Colorado to have a look around and meet some of the wonderful people that made the whole thing possible.
The Directors of the Adoption agency, Lily and Josh were both there and very excited to meet Norah.
 We were very fortunate to meet Xia, the Director of China Charitable Projects. She actually knew Norah in the orphanage, before her adoption. She presented us with this beautiful scroll that was from the director of Norah's orphanage. Xia will be able to let everyone at Norah's orphange know that she is doing well and growing up fast. We are also sending her some pictures that we took of Norah with the scroll and some other pictures so they can see her.

 Wyoming.....what can I say.........the majority of the part that we went through was desolate and depressing. I certainly hope it's not all like that.

 These cool rock formations were the only redeeming quality that we saw in Wyoming. So we pulled over and let Norah pee on the side of the road by them because there was literally ...NOTHING...... forever and ever and ever. Not a road runner, dog, cat, cow, deer, moving tumbleweed, flaming meth lab......NOTHING.

 We were able to stop in Utah (Very pretty by the way) to see our friends. Melissa, Eli, Glen, Norah and I all got to go to the Kennewick (I sure hope I spelled that right) Copper Mines. Poor Mike had to work! ): It was awsome! The place is just amazing. You can actually see the mines from space.
 This is one of the tires that they use on the big trucks that work in the mine. Once you get past the propaganda movie at the beginning of the tour, which Norah and Eli gave all the respect that it deserved, the rest of it is very entertaining.
 Then we went to the Mormon Temple because duh, we were in Salt Lake City Utah. Isn't that what it's known for. Plus I see it on TV and in movies all the time so I thought it would be cool. Melissa told me that if I got drug off to be converted she was leaving me there. So funny! Eli ran around the temple grounds like his little butt was on fire! He was having such a good time. Norah kept trying to mother hen him but he would just blow her off. Then she totally gave up and raided all and I do mean all the snacks out of Melissa's bag. She wasn't even really hungry just wanted to open everything and then refuse to eat or drink it. Mike, Melissa and Eli were all super great about letting us invade their house for 2 days. We REALLY needed a break at that point and they were an oasis. Thanks guys!

 We finally made it to our destination. We did a quick run by the school and then it was off to the apartment.
 The blue thing on top is Norah's princess jeep.
Oh yeah! Looks like something off of Hoarders. I didn't even get a good shot of the TV that Glen tied to the center console so that Norah would have a big screen to watch movies on the whole way.
The trip was pretty uneventful and we are glad to be done with it. I did lie to one badged authority figure but it was a white lie and he didn't really want to hear the truth anyway, it involved urine. This trip involved A LOT of urine! Mostly Norah and Glen. It was like traveling with two pregnant women. Hopefully by this time next year we will have deceided where we want to buy a house and be looking because, Man this apartment is small AND we are so looking forward to having people come and visit us!

More tomorrow.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Made It!

We finally made it to our apartment in Washington yesterday afternoon. The trailer is unloaded and most of the stuff is unpacked. Today we have to put everything back together ( beds,chairs,ect) and make an epic shopping trip to restock the pantry and fridge and for cleaning supplies. apparently the last residents idea of clean and mine are nowhere near the same thing. Once i can clean out drawers and cabinets i can get everything put in its place. We made a point of driving by the school before we came to the apartment so that Norah could get a visual of what we have been telling her we were driving to. She did so good on the whole trip. We could not have asked for any better. There were LOTS of potty breaks and Norah may or may not have peed outside in all of the states where there were long stretches of nothingness. ( I'm not telling. ) A whole lot of our trip was spent in areas where there was either no service at all or the service was on the "edge" network which might as well be no service at all. We were VERY lucky to get to stop in Utah and see Mike, Melissa and Eli. They really made the trip fun. We even got to see the Kennicott Copper mine that is one of the few man made things you can see from space. Home cooked food instead of greasy road food was also very appealing but let's face it the main thing was that Eli was there! That kid cracks me up! He has gotten so big and is talking up a storm. It is so sweet to see him interact with Mike and Melissa. You can really tell that they all love each other.

Yesterday was also Boo's 20th birthday. We all went out early and celebrated before we had to leave but it was still hard not being there for his actual birthday. We love you Boo! More later. Hopefully it won't be to long till I can get the computer up and running and some pictures of the trip up here.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Mile High City

We have made it to Denver, Colorado! There was quite a bit of rain when we first got here which made pulling the trailer kind of dicey. Norah did well again today, however she has figured out that if she says she has to use the bathroom that we will pull over and go into a place with candy, food and potential prizes for Norah. This discovery of hers means that we had to stop for possible potty breaks about once every 50 minutes. Tomorrow we are going to stop by Norah's adoption agency that is here in town then we will head out for Utah. These first two days were our longest, from now till we get to our new home we will only drive around 6 hours each day to make it easier on everyone.

First Day of Travel

Well the first of our travel days was uneventful, other than Glen running over his iphone that he dropped. Amazingly it still works....sort of. Norah has done really well. She has been coloring, watching movies, and playing with the big basket of goodies that are set up right by her car seat. We all went swimming last night at the hotel, being cooped up for so long it felt good to stretch out and swim a little. There were some kids That came itno the pool after we had been in there for awhile. Norah was dying to play with them but they were actually kind of cold towards her since they didn't sign or even try to interact with Norah. Norah gave it her best though. We finally concluded that it wasnt just the communication part that was the problem and maybe they werent the brightest or friendliest people around. It made Glen and I both sad to see her struggling so hard to make a connection with these kids and them backing away and looking at her like she was covered in dog poo. All the encounter did was cement for us that we are doing the right thing for Norah. She will be among her peers that "speak" her language in 9 days at summer school.
We are traveling through Kansas right now. It is a whole lot of flat prarie. The weather has cooperated so far. We will try to make it to Denver today. So far so good.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Wagons HO!

We are heading out first thing in the morning. The trailer and truck are packed to within an inch of their lives. We literally could not get one more thing in either of them. Norah is kind of clingy and emotional today because we are packing and she wants to make sure that she is coming along with us. Boo is here at my parents tonight so that he and Jess, his girlfriend, can see us off in the morning. We were able to catch up with Norah's speech therapist today at her friends horse barn (more pictures of this later when the computer is all set up again.) the place was amazing. If I was a horse I would want to be there. We have been getting all kinds of traveling goodies from everyone, a very nice surprise indeed. We will be traveling in style. The purple princess  jeep is tied to the top of the truck. Dad said that we should have left the tarp off of it and put a mannequin in it just to mess with people as we drive down the freeway. If we got stopped we could tell them that the kid was giving us lip so we put him up there for punishment. (; Wish us luck! It is going to be a LONG drive.


Monday, July 04, 2011

Packing and Getting Ready to Travel

Well. I am now officially a bum! I don't know how we would have gotten everything packed and to this point with me working the way that I was. There is not a muscle on my body that does not ache. Advil is my new friend. The entire trailer was packed up on Saturday. Working now on getting the house all cleaned up, getting rid of everything that would not fit or did not absolutely have to go with us. We will be driving across country with Norah's princess jeep tied to the top of the truck bed. All we need is Grandma Clampett (sp?) sitting on top  in her rocking chair. We have been trying to pack, clean and do yard work in heat that is well over 100 degrees with the heat index (heat index is a very dirty word around here), and humidity that makes it hard to breath. Everyday we check the weather in Seattle and are so looking forward to temperatures that have been at least 30 degrees lower than they are here. Glen and I were just saying this morning that when we go to look for a house we will need to make sure that it has at least one guest bedroom because all the people that we know from Arkansas may very well want to spend their summers up north with us. People in Utah can come too! (Hint! Hint! Mike, Melissa and Eli. That was subtle wasn't it.)
This week besides trying to get the house in shape for the new owner we are trying to tie up loose ends here. Norah has seen everyone from her Audiologist to her Dentist and Pediatrician in order to get her ready for the move. If anyone in the Seattle area knows of a good: Pediatrician, Dentist, Pediatric Cardiologist, Audiologist or Speech Therapist please let us know.
I am also trying to figure out how to take pictures with my iPhone and be able to post them to the blog from my iPhone.
Norah still has her two loose teeth. She is hanging onto them for dear life and keeps telling us (signing) that her teeth are "staying in". She went ballistic at the dentist because she was sure that they were going to pull her teeth while she was there. Once she realized that they were done (all they were able to do was look at her teeth and paint on some fluoride and we even had to hold her down for that part. ) then she was fine and followed the assistant right into the prize closet like nothing ever happened.
We should be leaving the state between the 9th and the 11th in order to make it to Washington for the last two weeks of summer school for Norah.
It will be hard to leave all of the family behind but we really think that this move will make a big difference in Norah's future.