Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grandparents/Special Person Day

Friday was Grandparents/Special person day at Norah's school. Since Norah's Nana and Popi are back in Arkansas, Glen and I stood in for them to represent our girl. Nana and Popi did send Norah the beautiful blue shirt that she has on (sorry Nana it is still to cold here for the flip flops) and they also sent some money for Norah to buy something at the schools bake sale. We made Norah a lanyard with a picture of Nana and Popi on one side and Boo on the other. She loved it. She had to show everyone and talk about her Nana, Popi and Boo.

 We made milk jugs into catchers to play ball with.

 Now we are on spring break for the next week. Yeah!
By the way squirrels like Bugles! FYI

Also we did not get the bid on the house. ); So we are still looking. Glen is driving me nutty about not getting that house. If I had known what the aftermath would be I would have offered whatever it took to buy it. Pray for me to retain what little sanity I have left. Don't worry about Glen's he lost all of his long ago.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Waiting.....sort of patiently

Still no word on the house offer. We were supposed to hear one way or the other today. Hopefully tomorrow.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tooth Drama

Norah has lost another tooth! Well....Norah pulled her loose tooth out at midnight last Wednesday while she was up roaming the apartment as usual (see any of the many posts about Norah's sleeping habits) and proceeded to scream bloody murder for an hour (Sorry neighbors ): ) until we could get her calmed down and convinced that she was actually ok. She has already lost two teeth so I am not quite sure why this one tiny little tooth created such drama as to rival the Kardashian wedding fiasco. By morning she was fine, even wanting to show everyone at school her newly missing tooth. Her parents on the other hand were exhausted as usual (once again see any post about Norah's sleeping habits).

In other exciting news. We have put in an offer on a house here. We will not know until after Tuesday if it will be accepted by the bank (the home is a forclosure) but we made what we feel is a good solid offer. The location is perfect for Norah. It is the last house on a dead end road and can eventually be completely fenced in so that Norah can have the freedom to roam the grounds at will, without having traffic nearby to worry about. There also seems to be enough square footage so that we can all spread out. This apartment is really a pain in the butt. We are constantly bumping into each other and I can not remember the last time that I have showered or used the facilities without an audience. I don't know how goldfish do it. Being constantly on display sucks rotten eggs.

Wish us luck.


Tuesday, March 06, 2012


We have been traveling here lately. We all went back to Arkansas to see family and friends and take care of some business. We still have not found people and services here to replace all of those back home. Those relationships took us 20 years to cultivate and we came to rely on them heavily as it turns out.
It was so nice to see my parents, my brother and his wife and Boo and Jess. Norah was so happy to see everyone and even forgot her usual sibling rivalry with Boo for the time we were there and just wanted to hang out and play with him.
We also got to visit with my friends from work. I REALLY miss them.
The trip, although short, really took its toll on both Glen and I. We have been fighting fatigue and almost mono type symptoms since we got back to Seattle. Apparently we caught some kind of bug at some point. Hopefully it will pass soon. Norah was not affected, thank goodness. Although the day after we returned home Norah came running out of the bathroom and tripped smacking her face on the door frame of the bedroom. She ended up with a bump on her forehead, a bruise on her nose and a nose bleed. She also slightly sprained her wrist while trying to catch herself. Luckily none of her injuries were serious and she is just fine now.
We are still looking at houses in our area. Just starting to get an idea of what is available. We are still working on saving our down payment and should be ready to get pre-approval by June or July. Glen and I always try to be cautious when it comes to financial matters or big decisions ad buying a house out here is a major one.

 Norah, Me and Mom
 Boo and Norah
 Norah and Aiden (friends from Arkansas)
 Boo and Norah watching TV together.
Another one of Norah's many do-it-herself outfits. To Funny!