Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Far Behind

We put together this scrap wood dollhouse just as a way to keep Norah occupied while I completed some repairs around the house. Who knew that we would still be playing with it 2 weeks later. Norah has painted, we have added furniture made from popsicle sticks and toilet paper rolls, felt and ribbon.

The craft tornado! Don't worry there were no casualties. Except for the floor that is.

Boo brought over his new "toy". A juicer that he has been wanting for a while and now that he's a working man he can afford it. He made us and Jess all kinds of juice to try and even juiced up a bunch of pears from the trees in the backyard. It was really good to see them both. We love it when they get to come visit.

Back to the dollhouse. This is what Norah and I did late Saturday night. We put a popsicle shingle roof on the little house. It took forever but was made a little easier since I got to watch Caddyshack and Stripes while I worked. Don't worry Norah was to busy cracking the whip on me to even notice the movies on tv. A lot of the "shingles" are crooked because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see straight! ("Cinderella story.....Ha!)

We even added some artwork from a little book that was laying around.

And of course every house needs a landscaped yard. There is a white pickett fence in the works too. If you ask me this makes a Barbie dreamhouse look cheap. I would much rather have my dolls live here and Norah agrees.

When Norah is supposed to be in bed but is instead sneaking down the hallway to see what I am doing she likes to put her pillow over her head. Because if she can't see me then she can't see me sign "Go to bed." It really is cute. That cute little smile makes it hard to send her back to bed.

Here I am getting scolded for not coming to bed. She is totally serious. "It is time for bed! Go!"

So far behind....Part 2

Our good friend Eli's Daddy (Sorry Mike but that is your name from now on) came by the house bearing gifts for Norah and us. He brought Norah a super cool bell for her bike and a plate for the back that says "princess" on it. You know, in case she forgets. The adults were given the makings for a very nice Margarita Monday. Thanks again Eli's Daddy. You know us all to well. We can't wait to see more of you and the whole family for Halloween!

Norah asked for the bag that has her clothes that she was wearing on her adoption day. We keep the clear bags in plain view in her closet so that she can see them whenever she wants to. This is the first time that she wanted to actually try on her coat and wear it around the house for while. She didn't seem upset or sad. We looked at pictures from her adoption day and photos of her foster mother. She kept the coat on for about 2 hours then took it off. I think it may finally be sinking in that she is here to stay.

The craftiness continues around here. This would be the "Count".

Here is a pinball game made out of a box that was going to thrown in the trash at work, popsicle sticks, bottle caps, nails, marbles, a rubber band and clothespin. Yes, it really does work!
Have a good week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mr. Boo

Boo came over to the house this week to help me stain the fence. He will also get his first paycheck from his first "grownup" job today! He has landed himself a position with the state health department. We are so proud we could just scream!
Good job Boo!
I am just waiting for the phone call from him where he asks just who the heck are all of these places and people and why do they get so much of my money?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bye, Bye Kitty

May 1994-October 2010
The best cat I ever had. Made it through Boo "loving" on him when he was little and still had the patience to not scratch or bite Norah when she "loved" on him. He did have the annoyed and disgusted look down to an art by the time Norah got here. Today he just climbed up in his favorite nap spot, went to sleep and moved on off to some other adventure. We will all miss him.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arkansas State Fair 2010

We went to the fair on Sunday so that Norah could see all of the animals. This was a cute little setup where the ducks waddled up this side then ate some food from the little trough at the top before sliding down the other side, then swimming back around to do it all again.
As soon as Norah saw the cow she started doing the sign and making moooooing noises. She was really excited to see them eating.

PIGLETS! Wilbur......Babe........Piglet.......what other famous pigs are there?

These sheep were so pretty. Their coats looked like a smokey grey velvet. The black pantyhose aren't bad either.

This must be one of those rare long distance bike riding sheep. He has on his Lance Armstrong approved aerodynamic lycra riding suit.

You lookin' at me?......You lookin' at ME! ? Why, yes we are. You have such cute little ears Mr. Bunny.

Norah hamming it up for the camera.

Crocheted yellow roses. WOW! I consider it a success if I can cut paper in a straight line. Someone has some serious talent.

Ok, I know what this is. Still I find it a little creepy. Just my opinion.

Norah doing her best Vanna White to show off the quilts hanging from the ceiling.

Your Welcome and yes we will drive safely.
(Few little side notes: It was really hot Sunday. None of us do well with hot, super bright weather. One of the parking staff in our area was wigged out of his gourd. I believe the warning Glen gave me was ..."Crackhead at 3 o'clock." Nice! We think we saw Snookie! Even though we wouldn't be caught dead watching Jersey Shore you can't help but know who she is. If you have managed not to know who she is then I envy you. We ran into 3 or 4 people that signed to Norah .... LOVE IT! If you are out in public and know how to sign PLEASE do it. Even if you only know a few words. It means so much to Norah and us and others that sign. )

Sorry PETA!

Found this in the living room. The first thing that ran through my mind was...."That giraffe must have been askin' for it." Norah REALLY likes to tie things up. Like it's an obsession.


Norah DOES NOT sleep! She goes from before dawn till around 11 at night on a normal day. She does not sit quietly, she does not snooze on the couch. She goes full tilt until she face plants in the bed. Sometimes we are able to stay up that long, most times not. The photots above show what happens if you try and take a nap at our house. Luckily it wasn't fingernail polish or markers this time. We have gotten wise to her and removed all of that from our bedroom. But STICKERS! Really? I thought that Boo didn't sleep. HA! He had nothing on Norah.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New bike and more

I am very lucky to work closely with some great people. Marlon (one of the scrub nurses on our team) gave Norah his daughters bike with training wheels that she had outgrown and even threw in a helmet. We cut away some of the foam on the inside so that Norah could wear the helmet over her cochlears and headed for the park. She has riden the bike a couple of times at the house but she REALLY enjoyed being at the park and having all that room. There was alot of swerving off the path and a whole lot of hitting the breaks but she did very well and had a blast.

Fun with pipe cleaners and boxes.

Norah all dressed up for gymnastics. Norah's Grandma and Grandpa pay for her to attend gymnastics. We thought for a while that we were going to have to get Norah some physical therapy. She was wobbly and delayed in her ability to balance, kick, ect. Gymnastics has been just the ticket. She loves going. Has a couple of little friends that she gets to see every week and her coordination and balance have improved to the point that she is almost caught up with her age group. Her Grandparents have given her a gift that will last her whole life.
There is also some BIG news about BOO coming soon!