Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Finger prints 3-22-06

Well things have been moving right along. We got our fingerprints done and our home study person mailed a copy to Memphis so we are in the running for our I 171-H. I have heard that Memphis is starting to pick up the pace on prossesing, I sure hope that is true. The wait for referrals keeps getting longer so the sooner we can get our dossier logged in to China the sooner we get in line for the long wait. We will be done with everthing else soon and just be waiting on them. All of our passports came in so I sent everything off that we had ready to San Francisco and Houston to be authenticated. I only have 2 more documents to send to Houston which I will send to when our I 171 h comes in.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Certification and a green thumb

Well, it has been a good week all around. I had a couple of days off, so me and Lori got a lot done. We got 2 of the three garden boxes planted and some bulbs in the ground in the flower beds and backyard. I planted one garden box with June bearing strawberries, yum.
We also made great strides on the adoption paper work.
We went to the Secretary of State to get the documents that we have to have notarized in Arkansas Certified. I must give a big thank you to the people that work at the Secretary of State office, they were very helpful. We had 9 documents certified and they were able to do them all while we waited. They also gave us a compliment. They told us that usually there is something is done wrong with some of the paperwork that people bring in, mostly because the wording on the notarization isn’t correct but all of our documents passed. Yea! We also sent off documents to be certified at the Oklahoma and California Secretary of State Office through Fed-Ex. We have to have our passports in order for the Chinese Embassy in SF, CA. to authenticate our papers for that consulate, so we went to the post office and had them done. We expedited them so they wouldn't hold our authentication up. We should have them back in two weeks. When they come in we can photo copy them and send everything out to the different consulates for authentication. Everything but our home study report and our I 171 H, those documents will have to be the last pieces of the dossier puzzle. On the blog I figured out how to write HTML, so that when you click on one of my links it will open up another window so you can look around some of the sites and close them and get back here to look at another site. The latest site I have added is "The Beijing guide" under useful links. It's a neat site. Take a look.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let my love open the door.

There are some families that are shocked when they hear that couples are going to adopt from China. Most of the time it is just their first reaction. Then, after they have time to digest it and find out more about the process, the kids, ect. They start getting excited and then it’s all about the baby. My Mother in-law is already buying books and blankets. It makes me happy to see her getting excited about her granddaughter. I know my Father-in-law is a big softy when it comes to grandkids, he has never had a granddaughter. Norah will bring him great joy and have him wrapped around her little finger. He has so many fond memories of Brandon growing up. I just told my family and they were happy for us.
This is a web site that shows the first year of a little girl being home. It is done to the song. LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR.
If you find yourself with this problem, I hope it gets better for you. Adoption is a hard enough process with family supporting you.

Monday, March 06, 2006

A sad day.

Lori, Brandon, and I went to a funeral yesterday to lay one of my son, Brandon's, 15 year old school mates to rest. This boy's family and friends were there to celebrate his life, not his death. It was a very moving, sad, and at times funny funeral. That kid was a character. That is some thing that parents should never have to do, we expect to grow old and pass away after seeing our kids grow up, move out, get married and have kids of their own.
Give your kids a hug every day, because you never truely know when it might be the last hug you will get from them…………