Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, the nice lady (Jennifer) at Marion Berry's office did the trick. Last thursday (6-8-06) our I-171-H came in the mail. They had told us it would not be up for review until 6-12-06. So when we got it in the mail we took Jennifer some cookies and a card to thank her for her help. We also conned her into letting us take a picture with her.
The day the I 171H came in I was not expecting it. I got home from work and was pleasantly suprised. I call my wife at work and told her the good news. Then I was OFF AND RUNNING. I took the form up to her work and made a copy, got the copy notarized, then ran it over to the Secretary of State where I had it certified. Then to the post office to get an express envelope (the chinese consulate will only ship your stuff back with USPS), back home to get my G1 form that I had forgotten, THEN to Mail boxes ect. to fed-ex all the forms to Texas for authentication at the Chinese consulate. I tracked it with the number that Fed-Ex gives you and it arrived at the Houston Chinese counsulate on the very next day at 10:05 in the morning. I am expecting to get the documents back any day now. With this new change of events I now am hoping to be DTC by the end of this mounth. We'll have to see.


LindaJ said...

Nice!!! That is awesome. You are on the road now.

LindaJ said...

Way to stay on top of all that drama. I'm sending you guys good DTC vibes!!!
It will be only a matter of time.