Monday, December 06, 2010

Discovery Museum

We were vey excited to get to spend some time recently with our good friends Mike and Melissa and of course Eli. It was our first time to meet Eli and I have to say I do believe we are all hooked. Norah loves to talk about him and look at his pictures on the refrigerator. When ever I would tell her Eli was here she would go running for the door with this huge grin on her face.

We all took a field trip to the Discovery Museum in Little Rock. I had not been since Boo was little. They have really expanded the place. It was great and the kids had a blast. Norah was wound up for hours afterward.

I love bugs! Not really. We tried to get her to pet the hissing Madagascar cockroach. It was no go.

He just learned how to walk! Look at him go. They all dressed in Arkansas Razorback attire. It was to cute.

(Raising hand and jumping up and down in seat) " Oh! We know!"

Eli and Norah giving some big choppers a good cleaning.

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