Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Blue Skys

The computer has been giving us fits lately. So instead of blogging we did what everyone else in Seattle did over the last week and spent a whole lot of time outside. We took some cheap kites and snacks and went down to the beach. I think every dog in Seattle was out with their owners. We also started an eight week Sign Exact English class and cleaned the carpets. Which reminded us both why we do not like carpet. Wood floors are high on our priority list when we start looking seriously for a house.
I found out that there are some words that I can not say at work because the southern accent does not translate well here. For example Fluoroscan (x-ray) sounds like fore skin when said with the accent to a bunch of northerners. You should have seen all the heads whip around when I said it and true to OR form I have been teased daily about it since the incident.
Norah got her first report card and I went to her first teacher conference. She is amazing ya'll! We just know that once she gets all the basics down that there will be no stopping her. In our signing class we met another deaf, adopted child/young man that was adopted at age 4 and is now 19. He went to the same school that Norah is at and is incredibly well spoken and articulate. Just one more thing to let us know that we have Norah in the right place.


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