Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grandparents/Special Person Day

Friday was Grandparents/Special person day at Norah's school. Since Norah's Nana and Popi are back in Arkansas, Glen and I stood in for them to represent our girl. Nana and Popi did send Norah the beautiful blue shirt that she has on (sorry Nana it is still to cold here for the flip flops) and they also sent some money for Norah to buy something at the schools bake sale. We made Norah a lanyard with a picture of Nana and Popi on one side and Boo on the other. She loved it. She had to show everyone and talk about her Nana, Popi and Boo.

 We made milk jugs into catchers to play ball with.

 Now we are on spring break for the next week. Yeah!
By the way squirrels like Bugles! FYI

Also we did not get the bid on the house. ); So we are still looking. Glen is driving me nutty about not getting that house. If I had known what the aftermath would be I would have offered whatever it took to buy it. Pray for me to retain what little sanity I have left. Don't worry about Glen's he lost all of his long ago.


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