Sunday, November 04, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our first Halloween in the big house. It was quite wet outside, so Norah's mermaid costume that her aunt got for her had to be covered up with a rain coat and rubber boots. We went trick or treating on our street and then over to the Trunk or Treat at the church by our house. Norah had a great time and happily snacked on her candy until she reached hummingbird speed. Luckily she crashed right around bedtime. We only had 1, yes you read that right, 1 Trick or Treator. We were all very disappointed. Maybe next year we will see if we can participate in the trunk or treat. We all LOVE seeing all the little kids in their costume's and watching them get all excited about the candy and games.

 This picture doe not adequately show the amount of glitter that was in her hair and on her face.

 Norah doing the "Monster Mash" at Trunk or Treat.
 These two were so cute. They had their trunk all decorated as a forest. Complete with mushrooms and deer.
 This guy lives outside of a house close to us. He (or she) is always dressed up. His Halloween costume was a cloak. Very funny!
Norah ringing a doorbell to beg for candy. There is a GIANT cement horse head on the front porch. This is not just for Halloween people that horse head is there all the time. It makes me think of the Godfather Movie.


My Crafts said...

Glen, your daughter Norah is a very precious and lucky little girl to have a family so devoted to her. And I must say, you and your family journey to Norah is a beautiful story. God bless you all.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! Long time no talk to! Just happened upon your blog in an old file! Norah looks so amazing! Hope you are all great!!

Kristi Singer