Thursday, May 09, 2013

May 2013

The picture problem should be fixed by the end of this month.
There has been non-stop action around here. I will try and give the run down soon (most likely this weekend. However it is now (finally) summer in Seattle and it is GLORIOUS! The kitchen table and chairs have been moved out to the deck and Norah has already taken her first run through the yard sprinklers. The garden is in for the most part and we have already started using some of the herbs and green onions. I have changed jobs again and am deeply entrenched in learning new surgeries and surgeons along with new co-workers. I must say the nurses and support staff at this hospital are excellent and remind me of the work "family" that I had to leave behind in Arkansas. Starting over again at a new hospital is effectively turning my brain to oatmeal about 3 or 4 pm every day. Even with all that and after a particularly rough day on Wednesday when they asked me if I regretted moving up there I immediately said "NO". It just feels like home. I am planning to take a video of Norah, her speech has really improved and she is starting to learn to read! So exciting!
That's all for now, the sun is calling my name.

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