Sunday, January 29, 2006

Year of the Dog

Well, we went to a Chinese New Year Celebration today and ate some good food but the thing that I liked the best was the fact that I got a lead on a school close by that teaches Mandarin Chinese. I have the Pimsilor Mandarin Chinese CDs that I have been studying but they have yet to teach me to ask, Where is the bathroom? Some thing I know that will come in handy. Mandarin will not be easy to learn because the sentence structure is so different than ours. Like if you wanted to ask someone, Do you speak english? in Mandarin you actually say, You can speak english and then put ma at the end and that turns it into a question. Then there's alot of answers for Yes, it just depends what words were put in front of the question. I have learned to speak alot of phrases so far but with no one to practice with I don't think I could understand other people speaking it back to me in a conversation. So I am seriously going to look into the school.


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