Friday, February 03, 2006


This adoption prosses is going to be a real lesson in patience for me. We have been looking forward to starting this process for a year and now that we are on our way I'm doing everything I can to help things along but there are things that are coming up now and will come up as we go along that I will have to deal with. For instance, I found out today from the person that is going to do our home study that our back ground checks from Child Maltreatment have not come in yet. They usually only take 2 weeks to process here. So I'm going to have to call them on Monday to find out what happend. We had to have our doctor write a letter amending some information on our physical form that our agency said China would want more information on. It took about a week to get the letter and we just faxed that to the agency late today. I'm hoping that is the last piece that we need in order to be approved.
I guess that I will just have to leave my beloved instant gratification to things like mulching the yard. We ordered15 qubic yards of mulch and spread it in one day. That is about 100 wheelbarrows full. It looked so good when we were done, now that's instant gratification.

My Koi pond


Anonymous said...

Did you build this yourself Glen? It looks Awesome!

Glen said...

Yes The Koi pond is 8' wide 17' long and 21/2' to 3' feet deep.I bilt the dock so that it supends over the water so the koi can swim under neath you.