Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let my love open the door.

There are some families that are shocked when they hear that couples are going to adopt from China. Most of the time it is just their first reaction. Then, after they have time to digest it and find out more about the process, the kids, ect. They start getting excited and then it’s all about the baby. My Mother in-law is already buying books and blankets. It makes me happy to see her getting excited about her granddaughter. I know my Father-in-law is a big softy when it comes to grandkids, he has never had a granddaughter. Norah will bring him great joy and have him wrapped around her little finger. He has so many fond memories of Brandon growing up. I just told my family and they were happy for us.
This is a web site that shows the first year of a little girl being home. It is done to the song. LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR. http://bibianawu.chinastork.com/home/?video2
If you find yourself with this problem, I hope it gets better for you. Adoption is a hard enough process with family supporting you.

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Gaile said...

Hi Glen! Love your blog-telling about your family life and emotions. Your thoughts and all are touching. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

It looks like we are in about the same place in the adoption process as you and your wife.

I just started our blog. We are using CCAI too! Thanks for all the great and interesting links on your blog!!