Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We have been a little busy!

I called the people in Memphis yesterday because it has been over four weeks and still no 171H. They told me that they didn't even answer questions about the status of the 171H until after they have had the paperwork for six weeks. Hopefully it comes before the six weeks is up so that I won't have to call again and go through the whole phone tree again. The 171H is the last piece that we need for our dossier to be complete and be able to send it over to China. Once it reaches China that is when our real wait will begin.

In the meantime we are working on some projects around the homefront. We put up a section of fence in the backyard last Saturday. When I say that we put up a section of fence I mean that WE put up a section of fence. I dug post holes and put the railing up with the help of Brandon and Lori hammered in all of the nails in the pickets. Ever since it went up I find myself liking our neighbors on that side more and more. We deceided to do a section of the fence each month until we have completely enclosed the backyard. It, the fence that is, definetly makes the landscaping look a whole lot better, because now instead of your eye looking past all of it into the other backyard it stops and really highlights everything. We were worried that the frogs that visit our pond each year would be unable to get in but from the sound of all the croaking going on at night we were worried for nothing.
We have also noticed that we now have a VERY fat squirrel that likes to lounge on the top railing of the fence closest to the bird feeder. We are going to get him a squirrel feeder and mount it onto the fence so that he doesn't have to do a flying trapeze act to get a treat. We were hoping to get a picture of him swinging from the bird feeder but all he did was stretch out in the sun and scratch himself.

We were going to save decorating Norah's room until after we were DTC but I have absolutely NO patience. So the PINK PALACE, as we have begun to refer to this room, has been painted. I knew that pink can get out of hand very quickly so I picked out the lightest shade that appealed to me, Sweet Nothing. It turned out to be a good thing because a little pink goes a long way. We will have to be careful with the rest of the decorating or it could all go ugly real quick. For right now however the room looks bright and cheerful, definetly the place a little girl would like to play.

Every spring and summer we hang ferns on our front porch. For the last couple of years we have had some little birds build nests in them and raise their babies. Well, they are back again. We take the ferns down about every third day to water, unless it's really hot then it's every day, so that we can avoid getting any water in the little nests. The parent birds seem to tolerate us fairly well, we haven't been dive bombed yet. They watch closely from the tree in the front yard while we take care of business and also take a few pictures. Talk about cheap entertainment.
We will probably post more pictures of the birds as they hatch and get bigger just because we're goofy like that.

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