Sunday, April 30, 2006

Birds live in a nest. Squirrels live in...... attics?

We have a new nest in the other fern on our front pourch. I sure hope Norah is home with us before next spring so she can see the nests that the birds build each year. I think it is some thing that a little girl would love to watch. Heck, I like to watch the birds myself from the first blades of grass, the forming of a nest, eggs, featherless chicks, to the young birds leaving the nest.

There are three of the birds that have hached so far. If all 5 eggs hatch the parents will be very busy feeding all those chicks.

Lori and I have allways wondered where the squirrels that come to our bird feeder live. This morning I look out our bedroom window to the neighbors house and this was the sight that greeted me. These two squirrels were laying in the morning sun without a care in the world. You see it stormed all day yesterday and these two were dry as a bone in there "squirrel" house. I just wonder what they will do with all that extra space between them.

Fill it with another squirrel of course. The house next to us is currently empty. It is in forclosure so after the bank sells it Larry, Mo, and Curly will have to find a new home. It won't be mine either I don't want my attic to become a squirrely bed and breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Glen, Those pictures are amazing! How did you do it?