Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No I-171-H, Home study rejected? I hate Memphis

It’s been 7 weeks since we were fingerprinted and turned in our home study. So I have been wateding on our I-171-H. This is word for word what came in the mail today.

Your home study failed to reveal that you or your spouse were asked the question” Have you ever been arrested?" this must be addressed in an addendum to your home study. (inquiries concerning a criminal record are not the same as inquiries concerning an arrest.

This is word for word what was in that part of the home study.

During the interviews with Glen and Lori, the worker asked each the following question,” Have you ever been rejected as a prospective adoptive parent or been the subject of an unfavorable home study?" Glen and Lori responded, "No." Worker asked if either has a "history of sexual abuse, either as a victim or perpetrator." Glen and Lori responded, "No.” Worker asked Glen and Lori the question,” Do you have any history of child abuse, including and unreported episodes that would not result in charges or accusations?" Glen and Lori answered, "No." Worker also asked the cooks if either have a "history of substance, domesticviolence, or any type of criminal activity." Glen and Lori answered,” No." Criminal checks were conducted through the Arkansas State Police (dated December 28, 2005) and no record was found on either Glen or Lori. Background checked were also conducted through the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry and no record was found on Glen, Lori, or Brandon

Dealing with Uscis in Memphis has been the worst part of this hole process.. Some Uscis offices get you your I-171-H with in 2-3 weeks Memphis doesn’t wont to here from you unless its been 6 weeks . And when you do call its leave a massage you get leave your name and number and I will return your call with in 24 hours I have had NO ONE RETURN ANY OF MY CALLS FOR DAYS. All I am trying to do is bring Norah home. The people in Memphis look at I-660-A or an I-171-h as just peaces of paper. But for every I-171-H there is a CHILD that needs a family and a Family that needs a child.I will keep you updated.


jane said...

I click here every couple of days hoping to see that you have your I-171H. I felt your frustration today. Our daughter and son-in-law are in your same boat waiting for for the same paperwork. In our state, Colorado, the adoption coalition has set up an office where the forms are sent for review before they go to the state. The process takes only a short period of time and helps assure people that their request goes through without snags. Maybe this is something to work for in your state. You don't know me, but do know that my fingers are crossed that things go quicker for you and you are in my heart. Good luck

Amy said...

I don't know if there is anything more frustrating than BCIS. Good luck! Amy

Anonymous said...

I was checking back to see if you had heard anything positive from the BCIS. But I take it by your silence there is nothing good to post.

Ah...gotta love BCIS.

I will check again next week expecting good news!!

Good luck,