Saturday, February 10, 2007

It is a fact of life. Sad and to quick but a fact none the less.

Brandon went to his first "formal" or actually semi-formal last night. We were informed about the formal 18 hours in advance .("Oh, there's a dance that I invited a girl to tomorrow and it is a formal so I need to where my suit.") This is the same suit that he hadn't put on in 5 mounths and might have grown out of since he's 4 inches taller than he was when we bought it for him.) These are the things that our kids spring on us at 10:00 P.M. with no remorse what so ever. Lori, stayed up after working 16 hours and iorned his suit and a dress shirt for him, then the next day after work I had to clean my truck up. I didn't clean it up just for vanitys sake but I do work in a dusty environment and some of that dust tends to get on me and then into my truck and we can't very well go pick up Brandon's date and get dust on her dress.
Speaking of his date, when Brandon went to pick her up he had to go inside to talk to her Dad and Mom. Lori and I stayed out in the truck so as not to "cramp" his style. When they got into the truck his date said it is a good thing that he didn't say anything stupid because "My Dad dosen't like any of the guys that I know but you did good. Lori said, Oh honey that's his job right now.

So we went back to our house to take some pictures. Brandon's friend has braces on so I couldn't get her to smile for the camera. Old ham boy on the other hand was more that willing to participate.
They had a good time and everyone got home safe.
Allthough we are not ready to let our kids go they seem to grow up any way. It is a fact of life. The trick is to give them guidance as they grow up so that they will become productive members of society. In a few short months Brandon will turn 16. Lori and I know that after we got our licenses our parents didn't see as much of us because we were running around being 16 year olds. We had to make a little extra effort to get the photos of Brandon with his date but we will be glad that we did when it is time for him to go off on his own. Our son is turing into a man in a little over 2 years he will be able to vote and will have to register with selective service as I did. We hope he stays home for college but we don't know what the future holds. He could get a scholarship to a college hundreds of miles away and only be home for the holidays. My time for guidance with Brandon is getting shorter but he will always be my son and I will always be his Dad. We as Father and Son are about to enter into a new point in our relationship. I love you son and I am proud of the man your becoming.

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