Monday, May 14, 2007

S15: Survivor China Preview

The next season of CBS survivor will play out in China. Heres a Survivor China clip / video. It will be exciting to see how they present China because survivor has always been respectful of the people who live in the places they film in, and tell about the history of the people as well. This will be the first time a USA TV series will be filmed in China.
CBS Survivor China will be on my DVR for sure.


Lisa and Shane said...

I love Survivor - and can't wait to see this - but I bet we won't get it for another 12 months here in Australia. But thanks for the heads up - I'll be watching out for it coming. Lisa

LindaJ said...

I will be all over that. I don't think i have watched a survivor since season 2.

LindaJ said...

i will be all over that. I on't think i have watched a survivor sonce season 2. VERY COOL!!!

Unknown said...

We are looking forward to this as well. We are also using CCAI

Amy and Michae
LID 4/23/07