Thursday, June 07, 2007

An all new level of Sanity or is it Insanity, we will have to see.

I know I have been keeping up with this blog, well that isn’t the hole truth we have been very busy working on another life experience .
Me Lori and Brandon just had to go through a new home study, background check, get our friends to give us references, and agene we are waiting to here the results, we have passed all of the stuff on our end we just have to wait on one or two more government ok‘s. We should know the results of that work soon, we hope that this will come true for our family. It is not anther adoption or have any thing to do with our adoption, All I can say is if we are able to pull this off we will have the opportunity to see the world throw another family members eyes. Hears to hopping to make a difference in life, hers and our families, for the next year.
Below are some links to help remind everyone that adoptions are still going on. The families below just got there referrals so they will be heading off to China soon it you want to fallow there blog. If they had given up because the waiting was to hard and long see what they would be missing from there families. Even at a snails pace familys are still being formed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for listing my blog. Even though my wait wasn't as long as the norm, it is still hard none-the-less. Hoping that things speed up for you!

Lisa and Shane said...

Really nice post Glen - I love your line "families are still being formed." What a wonderful way to think about the wait. Lisa