Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It’s time to renew our I-171H.

If you find your self in the next couple of months have to renew yours? Keep in mind that you get one free renewal for your current I-171H. You must send in your request to have a free onetime renal before your current one expires. This is what I am going to do.

Ok with the wait extending out so long there is a good chance that our new I-171H will be expired or is going to expire with in 6 months of getting a referral. Your agency will ask you to redo your second one if they aren’t sure it will still be good buy the time you get a referral. So this is what I am doing. To make the most of my one-time free renewal I sent in our I-600A two week before our I-171H was about to expire with all the backup docs, and there signature Required. They will send me a letter that states my I-600A that I have filed with them is good for one year. When I get a finger print appointment I will ask for a latter date. That will take them a couple more months to get me one. Then when I do have a home study update and get new fingerprints it will be. Another couple of months before they get me a new I-171H that will be good for the next 18 months from the time they issue it.

Doing it this way I will be able to have a I-171H that will be good the 26 months instead of expiring in 18. Hopefully that will be enough time to get a referral we are only 8 calendar mounts away from our LID of 7-22-2006 but that could easily = 24 more months of waiting.


Anonymous said...

Good thinking, Glen.
Isn't it sad though, that we actually have to be thinking about this stuff? I can completely understand the longer waits, but really, our government should help us in this stuff, without having to pay more again anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glen, Best to be careful with waiting on the fingerprint appointments. The Hague convention was just signed by the US on Friday of this week. It's all a little fuzzy to me, but apparently, if anything expires regardless of where you are in line with paperwork, then your status goes in to the Hague Convention status, and then you would have to be approved for adoption based on the Hague, instead of the current way. Like I said, it's all very fuzzy to me, but from what I understand, under the restrictions of the Hague, countries have to find families for children FIRST that share the same heritage as the child.
I really don't know how any of this is going to work it's way around to us, but I'm not bold enough to find out. All I really know is, if you let anything expire, even if you are waiting for an appointment, it will send your case in to the Hague requirements.
You can read more about the Hague on RQ's site, or google Hague. Although, if you are less confused than me, let me know.

Glen said...

I will be ok under the Hague if need be. My finger prints expired awile ago. And my agency is told us it is OK to do what I am doing.