Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bad weather holds on in China

Please remember the people are desperate to get home they are not standing in line to get the last tickle-me Elmo or guitar heiro-3. From most it is the only time they have all year to see and communicate with there family.
From CNN Correspondent Hugh Riminton in Guangzhou
China's economic rise - and my cheap T-shirts and kids' toys - depend on ordinary Chinese who leave their homes to work often seven days a week in factories in the south. The trip home for Lunar New Year fulfils ancient obligations to family. It is also the only chance most of them have to see family members - including spouses and children - all year.
The vast tides of people waiting at Guangzhou might be sources of fascination, curiosity - even incomprehension.They can never be figures of fun.
Thirty years ago, the travel writer Jan Morris made a trip from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.
She spoke of not seeing people so much as "statistics on the move." A neat line.But the tens of millions currently disrupted by China's weather are no mere statistics. Theirs are all too human faces, desperate to keep faith with their families after for the long months of separation. Their powers of endurance will be remembered long after their occasional flashes of exasperation or anger.

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