Friday, January 25, 2008

Something new.

Well we are going to take some collage students out tonight!
UCA has a big international student program, a lot of the international students are Chinese I think like 150 or so, when I was up there with Annie showing her the UCA campus the staff seemed like they really cared for the students and there wellbeing. That is one resin there international program has grown so big in a short time, from word of mouth from current and former students that go to UCA.
Any way back to my story most students don’t have a car so they are kind of stuck at the collage unless the school is doing something special with them. I E-mail the university and told them who I was and how Lori, Annie, and I, would like to take 2 students out for dinner and afterwards to the mall if there is time. They thought it was a grate Idea and set me up with one of there Chinese students who wanted to go out but had a school related thing she had to go to. She told me it would not be a problem to find two students that wanted to get off campus for awhile. So we will have to see what comes of this new advancer, if it go’s well for us and the students maybe we can work on getting some students off campus from time to time especially during long breaks in school when the school is out for holidays but they are still stuck there in the dorms. It mast be a hard time for some of them during long brakes like Christmas, thanksgiving and spring brake.

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