Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese New Year

We had a good time at the FCC, Families with children from china Chinese New Year Celebration.
The girl in the top photo I have had the pleasure of knowing for about 4 years now. By the way according to Jen-Jen we are best-ist friends, as you can see she was a big help to me in hanging up the umbrellas and lanterns from the ceiling. I don’t know if it makes it harder to wait for our referral going to the events or easer being able to interact with the kids every few months. I do know I have loved watching the kids that have come home over the last 4 years grow-up and thrive with there new families. Plus I do now have a best-ist friend.

Oh our Annie, She looked so pretty in her dress we had family photos taken at the FCC I hope they turn out. Our first Family photo ever!
Annie just got done sending in her form for AYUSA’s Community Service Challenge Contest, out of all her volunteer work she choose to right about the her work with the FCC. I hope she wins if her dues win she gets to go to San Francisco for a weekend that would be cool, I and Lori use to drive to San Francisco when we were 16; yes we have been together that long now well over hafe our lives have been spent together.

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