Sunday, February 17, 2008

The year of hair.

This has defiantly been the year of the hair. We had to put the kibosh on it though, I woke-boo up a couple of weeks ago to find he had dyed his hair blue. He is lucky the stuff doesn’t fall out. I will be so glad when this faze of his life has passed like the all encompassing Poke-mon years. Yaha we were "blessed" with that too.


Charlotte said...

How can he even remember what the original color was ? LOL

Charlotte and crew

Monica said...

I don't really know what my original color would be, except for the little that grows out as roots when I don't feel like bothering to dye it. Mine's been black for about 4 years now though, LOL. Tell B that I love the white hair! Seriously.


The Sharp Family said...

I think it is FABULOUS! I figure if he isn't hurting anyone... GO FO IT! If people don't like it, tell them not to look!
Penny - adopting from China too... with 5 tats and a nose piercing :)