Monday, May 04, 2009

Sweet-Sweet air, Annie and Sweet-Sweet Daughter

We had lots of workmen at our house last Friday installing a air conditioner that will require me being on call till I'm dead to pay for. At least they were nice enough to put down drop cloths.

The new air conditioner is HUGE compared to our 1970 model that caught on fire.

Glen got out the hammock this last week when it was not coming a deluge. Norah loved it. They got in and swung, swang, swingded to their hearts content. It has rained buckets everyday since then.
We were also fortunate enough to get to see Annie this last weekend. We went up by her school to go to Toad Suck Days (don't get to grossed out there isn't any actual mouth to toad contact). Since the weather was practicing for a second coming of Noah himself Toad Suck days was well...suckin'. Instead we all went to lunch and then to Wal Mart to get Annie some supplies.
Norah took to Annie like a duck to water (hah! weather refernce). Annie loves kids and Norah loves Annie. Annie will be going home to China for the summer. I know that she is excited and I can only imagine how excited her family is to have her home for a while. She has such a wonderful family, I don't know how she stands being so far away from all of them. We forgot our camera when we went to see her, which is a shame because she just gets more and more beautiful each time we see her.

This is what Norah does at the end of the day when we are all exhausted (except Norah) and ready to wind down the day and get dinner ready. She climbs in her stroller and demands to go to the park.

Of course when you look like Norah you usually get what you want, unless its pouring down rain. I am sick of the rain, can you tell.

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Carrie said...

What a cute girl!