Monday, May 11, 2009

Typical weekend + Mother's Day

She is very serious about her puzzels. Once she gets started on puzzels she wants to do ALL of the puzzels that she has.
Our pond has a lot of tadpoles in it. Glen showed her how to scoop them up with the pool net.

Then they put them into the container.

Now I have a big glass vase full of tadpoles as the center piece for the table. WooHoo!

There is always a fresh piece of artwork in progress on the front pourch.

Norah checking out the remaining tadpoles.

Glen and Norah sliding. Well Glen sliding Norah supervising.

Our wekend also involved a walk in the park, where various objects had to be observed and then carried around and thrown at the fence.

Attempting to feed the ducks. When we got here there were two ducks hungry for some bread but Norah was quite loud so they changed their minds and swam away after only a little bread.

At the other pond the ducks and geese were just not interested in our bread. I guess they were too well feed that day to care. Or maybe the geese were French Canadian geese and wanted coissant instead.

Our ferns have once again been blessed with a birds nest. There are 5 small, speckeled eggs in the nest. We are waiting to see which ones will hatch.

Norah wanted to carry around her baby AND play so we made her a sling out of a dish towel.

Brandon did a little Mother's Day art on the front pourch and wrote me a really nice letter that directed me to the artwork at the end. Norah made a cute little teapot at day care for Mother's Day that has found its home on the fridge (a true place of honor to have your work hang on the fridge). We spent part of Mother's Day at my Mom and Dad's house where my brother and his girlfriend made brunch for everyone and we got to visit. Then Brandon made dinner that night at our house for me and the rest of the family. It was a really good day and we didn't have to wait in line at any resturants, which is always a plus.


Leah Spring said...

aawwwww the boots are DA BOMB!!!!!

Carrie said...

I love the pic of Daay and his girl! Yes those boots are cool!

Charlotte said...

Love the green boots ! I need me some !

You guys going to come Saturday night to the Golden Corral ?

We are all going to be there !

Charlotte and crew

Glen said...

I dident even know we were getting togather, I have been blessed with a lot of work in the last month. We will be there. Thanks for telling me.