Friday, February 12, 2010

This is the south.....Right?

Norah's rubber boots frozen to the back steps.
The flakes were HUGE and wet, so they would stick together as they were falling and land in these slushy clumps.

It sure was pretty BUT what a pain in the behind. I missed 1 day of work because I couldn't even get out of my driveway. I even needed help pushing my car up INTO the driveway the day before and that was after shoveling the snow off. I have to say that I am a fair weather type of person. I like spring (except for the tornadoes) and fall. Summer is ok as long as there isn't 80% or higher humidty. Ok, maybe I just like to complain about the weather. There may have been some mention of moving to South America to get away from the white stuff. Does it ever snow in Brazil?
We made snow ice cream with Norah, which she loved. Other than that she wanted nothing to do with the snow. It was cold and she is not a fan of being cold. She did get to practice the sign for snow and ice quite a bit though. So it was a good signing lesson. Now it can go away.

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