Sunday, February 28, 2010

No time for sleep.

We have been very busy this weekend. The pictures are actually in reverse order but its late and I am going to just leave it. Sunday, we went to the annual Arkansas Flower and Garden Show. Norah LOVES flowers and had a blast running around everywhere and touching everything. She did very well with touching things nicely with only one finger. She only had to be reminded a couple times when she got REALLY excited. The displays were beautiful and you can't find any better people than those willing to give up time and some of their hard earned money to look at and talk about gardening.

Friday night we went to winter festival called Lanterns. You walk along luminary lighted paths to different tents and set ups that represent different countries. There was Shakespearean England, Mexico, Old America, Asia, Venice, Morocco, Egypt and even one for the moon. It was chilly but a great experience. We can't wait for next year.

Hobo camp (old America)



Norah received two amazing puppets from our wonderful friends Mike, Melissa and Eli (the ring leader of the bunch). She (and we) have had so much fun playing with these puppets. They really were the perfect gift. Thanks guys!!!! We love you.
We also spent Saturday visiting with Annie. We all went out to lunch and took Annie to the store to pick up some supplies she needed. She just gets more and more beautiful each time we see her. We are so pleased with the progress she is making in school and in general. She is just a great girl.
Brandon has been hard at work in school as well and has decieded to stay in Arkansas and go to college after high school. We could not be happier. Glen is frantically working on scholarship apps and has signed Boo up to take his ACT in April. We are all hoping for a good result on the test.
Monday is a big day for Norah. Something new. Hopefully something that will help her progress by leaps and bounds. More to come on that......

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