Friday, April 23, 2010

A swing for Norah.

Norahs birthday swing. Lori had been saving in her Christmas account at work for Norah to get a swing and one went on sale for just the right amount she had so we went and got it early because it was on sale, if we waited until her birthday it would have been $75.00 dollars more.

The day before when Lori, Norah and I went to Kmart to pick it up, Norah and I stayed in the truck parked in front of the store. I signed to Norah that Mama was going into the store to get her a swing for the house. She got unbuckled from her seat and was trying to look out the back window. She grew tired of this and turned around and half asking half telling me about the swing she was getting for the house. I confirmed to her that yes she was getting a swing for the house and mama was in the store getting it. Oh she was getting excited. Then Lori exited the store with an employ pushing the cart up to the back of the truck and quickly popping the swing up inside.

Lori gets in and we start pulling away. Norah starts crying the most pitiful lip quivering cry. Lori asks her what’s wrong she can’t even speak or sign she is crushed. I quickly figure out what the matter is. I had told her she was getting a swing and Mama was going to bring it out of the store and if Daddy says something, it happens he never says something to Norah that is not true, even with the swing we had a rain check and Kmart had called Lori to tell her it was in, otherwise I would have not said anything to her on the chance it might not be there. Oh my she was devastated so I pulled the truck over in the parking lot and parked we all got out and showed Norah the box in the back of the truck with the photo of the swing inside. She is not materialistic she does not have to have something every time we go to the store so I don’t think it was total about getting or not getting a swing. I think she was mostly upset because she thought her Daddy who she has grown to love and trust had lied to her about something that is important to her at this time in her life. Lori tells me Norah’s future husband is going to have to be pretty special because she will hold men up to the same standard of treatment and respect her Dad has shown her and that sounds fine with me. Ha ha good luck boys!

Brandon helped put the swing together as we reminisced about how Lori and I spent one late night with a flashlight putting a swing together for him when he was her age so he would be surprised the next morning. We were glad he was here to help this time. After the big day Norah had she disappeared into the bedroom. When I went to check on her the last photo is how I found her, makes my hips hurt just looking at it. I repositioned her and she slept through the night.



Donna said...

Was she really sleeping like that? Funny girl!

The hardest thing I've ever put together was a swingset. There must have been 50 thousand pieces! I'm glad you got an early start (and a helper!) and didn't have to finish it with a flashlight this time too!

Love the little trampoline!

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bbmomof2boys said...

That's the swing set we bought for Little T. She LOVES the little trampoline that comes with it. Her face lights up big time when she is jumping on it. She is becoming a daredevil too as she likes to flip over the bar!