Sunday, April 04, 2010

Fun at Easter egg hunt.

There was face painting, balloon animals then it was time for the big event. One of the funny things that I didn’t see happening but after uploading my photos I was a little put off by.

Look at Lori flashing gang signs at the Easter egg hunt. Ok, that wasn’t what bugged me it is further down, but you have to admit the sign for "have" looks like a gang sign.


I love this photo; it really captures Norah’s spirit.

Norah was cracking us up at the egg hunt because at speech therapy the week before we did an Easter egg hunt and when she would find an egg we would stop and open it so we could see the surprise inside and say the ling sound that was in it. So she picked up her first egg and just sat there admiring it and asked for help opening it, meanwhile the kids were making their way across the field like a clean sweeper vacuum. So that Norah would have a chance to get more than one egg Lori picked her up and carried her up to where there was still a few eggs left. The pink ribbon was the cut off for the 0-4 age groups.

Ha-ha she definitely admires her eggs.
Now I am lucky enough to have a camera that will shoot very rapid photos. 4.5 per second to where you can catch the things that you would otherwise miss with a point shoot. Keep your eye on the black bag approaching from the left.


Now just so you know this is not about Norah. She got four eggs at the hunt and was happy as a lark.

Now am I wrong for being a little let down by this Dad and son duo?
There had to be a premeditated plan in place for Dad to bring his empty bag for the son to dump his Easter eggs into so he could get more then a bucket full. I understand that the point of the Easter egg hunts is for the kids to find the eggs as fast as they can,
but as a parentand a resonable adult I would have told my son or daughter to get as many as you can, try to fill your bucket full if you can, and as my son or daughter got there bucket filled to the top I would have said wow, good job look you got a bucket full, and we would have started to walk away with a satisfied child. As a matter of fact I did do that with Brandon.

This was the 0-4 age group, there were kids that didn’t get any eggs at all. I’m not saying he should have given some of his eggs to the others, but maybe Dad could have been a better role model and praised his son for a good egg hunt and walked away with just one bucket full. Maybe I have it wrong and you are just suppose to get all you can with total disregard for others, no matter how small they may be. (There were todlers there).
Happy Easter every one.




to sing and to dance (Karen) said...

There will always be greedy parents showing their kids how to be greedy. Just means more trips to the dentist for Dad. Or scratch that, that's probably Mom's job.... Greed and selfishness go hand in hand.
:-) Happy Easter. Good to know the true meaning of Easter anyhow.

Tricia said...

Looks like Norah had a great day and bounced back from her surgery quickly. :) I agree with you about that father and son duo. Especially since it was the toddler category.

Naenay1012 said...

I agree with you about the dad/son.
I am glad Norah had a great time. you can see the excitement on her face. :)

bbmomof2boys said...

This is something you will see over and over. Even up in highschool. Competition among the kids is expected but when the parents get involved it just gets ugly. There is a dad on the Jr. Varsity baseball team here who wasn't happy with his son's playing time. Seems he allows both teams to use his baseball facility when its raining (indoor batting cage, pitching mounds) so he feels that his son should play all the time. What does that teach his kid? Not cool.

Just let that slide off your back Glen! Norah had a great time and that's all that matters.


LJ said...

Completely agree about that father/'s all about having fun, not about the # of eggs the kids get. Norah is beautiful!

Donna said...

I've found that it's usually the parents who behave badly when there's something "free" to be had. I would have said something to him because it's absurd that he'd be this greedy over 2 cents worth of candy in a plastic egg!

Glad Norah had a fun time though!


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