Saturday, September 11, 2010

A is for Apple, B is for Boo, J is for Jess

"A is for Apple."
This has to be the universally recognized face for homework.

Norah is hard at work tracing her A's. We are trying to introduce letter recognition and showing her that it means the same as the sign for A.
"A is also for Alligator."

There have been more crafts going on around the house. I have been looking up some new ones online recently. The weather will turn cold on a dime here. We usually go from having the air conditioner on to having the heat on within a week or two of each other. Plus Fall just seems to be a good time to do crafts.

The owl is another project from a Halloween craft book that I found at a garage sale.

Jess and Boo stopped by last night to borrow the carpet cleaner and weed eater. Norah LOVES to play with Jess.

Boo is working on putting up a blog of his own and apparently cleaning carpets and weedeating at my brother's house.

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