Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Halloween in September

We have started the Halloween crafts early around here. This is supposed to be a skeleton taking his skeleton cat for a walk. They are made out of q-tips and some foam.
The pumpkin is one that Norah HAD to have! It started out with some eyes and a mouth and then the allure of the magic marker just over took Norah and she went wild.

School starts on the 15th for Norah. She will be attending the preschool program at UALR that is run by the speech pathology department at the college. This is the same program that she was in for a while last school year. We are so glad that she is able to attend again this year. We know that she will make big strides in her language development in this program.

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Anonymous said...

skeleton taking his skeleton cat out? haha, good one ... sounds like one of tim burton's classic

have a fun halloween!