Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Graduation! Watch out that first step is a lulu!

Norah had her "Graduation" at preschool on Wednesday. I took off work to get her there while Glen took Annie for a doctors appointment. She was so funny. They called her name and she strutted across the floor like she had won an Emmy. Everyone in the room cracked up.
They have graduations at the end of every semester mostly for the adult college students that teach the classes. Many of then will not be back next semester but they still want to see their student graduate. The kids love it and it is a good incentive for the teachers.

This was Norahs teacher (name withheld cause I don't know if she wants me to put it up here) this semester. She was fabulous. Really interested, kept changing things up to keep Norah excited about learning and listening. She even bought Norah some workbooks for over Christmas break.

This is a sink hole! It was in the parking lot of Carinos. They had it all roped off with yellow tape, you know like a crime scene. It was super deep and oddly fascinating to me. Now that I think about it maybe I need to get out more often.

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