Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bunnies, Candy, and Motorcyles

Happy Easter! Sorry this picture of Norah's Easter basket is so fuzzy but it was early this morning that I finally got to put it all together and my head was fuzzier than this picture implies.

Things here at the house are still in full swing as we try to meet our May 1st deadline for putting the house on the market. There is stuff EVERYWHERE still! Carpet should go in Monday. It was supposed to go in on Thursday or Friday of last week but Home Depot sucks. So Monday it is. We are off to our friends house for Easter. My parents have gone further south this weekend to celebrate my Aunt Janet and Uncle Wendell's anniversay. Congratulations guys! Boo and Jess are off on their own so we are going to hang out with friends.

My friend William, that I work with, came by yesterday to show off his new motorcycle. He sure is proud of it. Congrats to you to careful.

As soon as the house is ready and staged I will post pictures on here. You know in case any of you want to buy it.



Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10 said...

Just coming across your blog and reading about your family and the sweet girl of yours! What a gorgeous family! Happy Easter to you and yours. Hope you didn't consume nearly as many peeps as we did.
Nancy-of the crazy 8

Grimes Family said...

Glen and Lori,
I have admired you since I first found your blog on RQ, and as fate would have it, our daughters share the same forever family day. After reading your Seattle post I am moved deeply and hope you know what an inspiration you are to those of us peeking in from time to time. Our daughter is the only Chinese adoptee for several counties so we are hailed as "hero's." In my mind, it's the families such as yourselves who are the real heros! Adopting a SN child is one of the most selfless acts I know... rearranging your life, careers, and relocating goes above and beyond anything I have personally seen this side of heaven! My heart is full for your family and you can take it to the bank that I will be praying for your transition and success in all you endeavor to do! May the Lord go before you and make the way clear, may you find favor in the eyes of everyone you meet. Consider yourselves ((HUGGED!!))