Thursday, May 05, 2011


MAY 1, 2011

It seems like every year on Norah's birthday there is severe weather. This year it was flooding that had followed a string of REALLY bad storms for our area and further south. We all met up at Nana and Popi's house, which was iffy at best becuase they had closed the roads leading that way for a while because they were under water. Luckily the roads by us were reopened just in time for us to make it to the party. Brandon was unable to get from his new apartment in Little Rock because the main highway and most side roads were closed. Some of Norah's little friends were stuck at home too, but we did have Nana and Popi, my Brother and his Wife and my Brothers Mother in Law. 
We had a good lunch and then cake and presents for Norah. She obviously was to sad about the weather to enjoy herself as you can tell by the pictures.
My brother and his wife got Norah a mechanical dog that walks and barks. She loves that thing and goes around trying to pretend that the dog is biting everyone. She also got some beautifull new clothes to wear to school and a pink purse and flower for her hair. We saved her jeep till we got home and it finally quit raining. Glen said that yesterday Norah came out to the backyard with her pink purse, towel and her bathing suit on to let him know that she was going to drive up to the pool. Ha! Someone has gotten a little big for their britches. So we are now 6, going on 30. Lord help us all!

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j-chin said...

Happy belated birthday, sweet girl~