Friday, November 18, 2011

Wow! I haven't posted in a while.

This is my favortie picture of Boo and Norah.

I have been BUSY my friends. The surgery center is hopping! After only NINE days of orientation I have been on my own all this week. YEAH! In some ways I like that and in some ways I am like "What the heck are you people thinking." So far it is moving right along. Glen found me a surgical instrument app so that when I come across something that I don't know I can look it up. It has been very helpful. I have to say, even though hearts are stressful I still miss knowing what is going on and where all of my supplies are and what the Dr. might need next. There is a lot of comfort in that. It will just take me a while to get to that point at the new place.

Norah has been doing well at school. She is starting to pronounce the words that she uses now more clearly. At school that is. When she is at school she talks more and clearer than when she is at home. We really have to keep on her because she will get lazy at home and just grunt and point because she knows that we know what she wants. She has even thrown out a few new signs that she learned at school but that we do not know yet.

Glen has been attempting to hold down the fort and deal with appointments and put the truck back into the shop. So he has been busy as well.

We have gotten down a routine where Glen and Norah drop me off at work in the mornings on most days and then pick me up after I call and tell them that I am done for the day. A huge bonus is that work is not to far away so if I have to I can walk home. I tried to convince Glen to just let me ride my bike in the mornings but it is very dark right now in the mornings and I guess he doesn't want his sugar mama getting hit by a bus. That's another thing, I am trying to figure out the bus routes here and I guess that I am just going to have to get on one and ride around to find the best ones in case I need to take the bus to work. In the summer though I am TOTALLY riding my bike.

We are going out today to look around at houses and see what is available in our price range. It should be fun. I will try to remember to take some pictures because I have been sorely lacking in that department.



Debbie Sauer said...

Glad her school is going so well. Good luck with the house hunting.


Naenay1012 said...

OOO house hunting. I am nerd and love to go through houses. Have fun!