Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

This is our first Thanksgiving away from my family in 20 years. I have not had to actually cook for Thanksgiving dinner in 20 years. I make the deviled eggs and veggie platter, my Mom does everything else. Yeah MOM! So we are now in the situation where we have to man up so to speak and cook our own dinner. Sad, I know. I can feel the sympathy oozing off of all of you that have been hard at work in your kitchen for a week getting ready for this event. Our dinner is going to be simple this year due to the fact that the kitchen in this apartment is terrible and if you set the stove higher than 350 the fire alarm goes off. This kitchen was NOT made to cook in. There is also no prep space. Anyway, I called my parents house this afternoon and talked to my brother and Boo while everyone else worked on their dinner preperations. This is the text that I got while still talking to my brother on the phone.

It is a picture of the turkey that they just took out of the oven. Do you think that they are rubbing it in? I think they are trying to lure us back with pictures of the bird. It might work if there was a decent school there for Norah.
We are thankful that we have family that loves us enough to try and bribe us with turkey. I think I can smell it from here.
Other things that we are thankful for:
Boo and Jess
Mom and Dad
Eugene and Bronwyn
Anli and her family
Mike, Melissa, Eli and Maggie
all of our extended family
Norah's school
The teachers at Norah's school
A roof over our heads
Enough money to pay our bills
My job
Norah's cochlears
Sign language (SEE and ASL)
Pleanty of food to eat
Our health
This list could go on forever and expand to include thing like the sun and the moon, ect.
We are very fortunate in many ways.
Happy Thanksgiving

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Anonymous said...

We are very thankful for you guys, too! And this just cements the idea that we're buying Christmas dinner! I'll send you our travel info via e-mail. Can't wait to see you guys! XOXO Melissa