Sunday, December 18, 2011

The December Catch-Up

 After 87 pictures I finally got two decent ones! Norah decorated the Christmas tree this year all by herself. She did a fabulous job and may from this point on be the holiday decorator in our house. Her school is out from now till after the New Year so we went out and stocked up on crafts and games for the first week off, THEN the second week we will get to spend with Mike, Melissa and Eli! Yeah!
 We also have a new addition to our family this week. Introducing Roman. Roman is a 3 year old Bengal/Tabby mix. He is getting used to us and we are getting used to him right now. He seems to be a very sweet boy and has already let Norah pet him several times without incident. Which is saying A LOT. We were thinking about a kitten but they are so small and delicate. Roman can hold his own with Norah, so it was a purrfect (Ha!) fit. I am really glad to have a cat around the house again as I have really missed Kitty. Roman came to us from a very caring Mom and Dad that could not provide what he needed and found him a new home. Lucky for us.
The other night Norah and I were coming in from running an errand. I had both hands full so she was hanging on the string from my sweatshirt like usual. Normally we have Norah walk beside or in front of us but that night she was trailing behind me and distracted by trying to play on my phone and walk at the same time. Well, Norah also happens to be the perfect height to smack her forehead on the metal, yes metal, fire extinguisher box in the hallway, which is exactly what she did. This luckily just resulted in a small goose egg. The corner of the box is sharp and could have very easily cut the skin . After some, ice, ibuprofen and holding she was just fine. Now I have to find some sort of foam to hot glue to the corners so that it doesn't happen again.
The surgery center has been very busy lately. Everyone is trying to get their surgeries done before the end of the year since their deductibles are paid up. I am sure this coming week will be hectic but I am off the whole week of Christmas! Yeah! We are all going to use that week to play and hang out with our friends and have a good time. Have a good week everyone.


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