Sunday, December 04, 2011

WalMart Santa

Norah is totally jazzed about Christmas this year. We bought a small five foot Christmas tree at WalMart and then let Norah do all the decorating. She had a blast and the tree turned out great. She keeps signing to us that Santa Claus is coming but we have to wait. We have another Advent calendar up to help her count down the days. It really seems to help her grasp how long the wait is and lets her build up the excitement for Santas arrival with presents. She even told me today that Santa is going to come down our chimney with presents. She was so excited to see Santa at WalMart that she literally leaped into his lap. Now if we could just find a Santa that knows SEE she could give him her list for Christmas.



MandM said...

You guys just HAD to go to WalMart ... it's in your blood! :) So cute!

Glen said...

Not only did we have to go to WalMart. We had to actually hunt one down. They are as scarce as hens teeth around these here parts.