Wednesday, January 04, 2012

More Zoo and New Year

More pictures from the zoo and from New Year's Eve. We are not in any way big partiers. The only way that I was even awake to watch the fireworks being shot off the top of Space Needle was because Norah was crackin" out and would not settle down and go to sleep. Glen had a really bad day with his back and spent most of the day in bed or laying on the floor with his legs propped up. We did manage to get together with Mike, Melissa and Eli to let the kids play, the adults visit and to beat the snot out of a pinata with a rolling pin (cause we are flexible like that, no baseball bat, no problem just use the rolling pin.) On the New Year special from Seattle there was a deaf man that asked his girl friend to marry him. I know it sounds dorky but it totally made me start crying.

 Norah isn't picking her nose (although she does plenty of that) she is thinking about how to put the puzzle together. She has gotten to where when she is "thinking" she taps her cheek with her finger.
 Can't you just hear the theme from the Lion King?

 When we couldn't get the pinata to crack open hanging in the tree we just put it on the ground and beat on it there.
 Yeah! Candy!

After the beating of the pinata we all went out for mexican food. I think it may be a favorite for all of us. Then we had to say goodbye to our friends because they were leaving out the next morning and we were in no shape to keep going that night.
Glen and I did our best to try and talk them into moving here so that we can see each other much more and get to see Eli grow up. If not we are going to end up spending quite a bit of money on plane tickets over the years.

Happy New Year!


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