Sunday, April 01, 2012

April first - headlights, doughnuts and mermaids

Two posts in two days! Wow! I'm impressed.

Norah loves wearing this headlight around the house. She goes around blinding everyone. Its like being under interogation by an incredibly cute investigator.

 Since Norah is going to be on spring break this week we made a trip to the craft store and bought supplies to make several things this week to help keep her entertained. Yesterdays craft was clothes pin mermaids.

 This morning Glen went out and got doughnuts for breakfast. He found these super cute bunny doughnuts.
In other news... we found another house to go look at. We will not know for sure if it meets our needs till we can get inside and snoop around. The lots here are so small and mostly on hills, which makes them seem even smaller. It is however close to Norah's school and my work so we may have to make some concessions on lot size, especially since with gas prices the way they are it costs 100.00 to fill up the truck.

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