Tuesday, May 01, 2012

7th Birthday

Happy Birthday Norah! The big 7! The day started off with a phone call from Nana to sing her Happy Birthday! Mom always makes sure to call and sing Happy Birthday to each of us on our special day. It's my favorite part of birthdays. Glen got Norah's birthday stuff together and made sure everything was at the school for her party this afternoon. We were very fortunate that Norah's school encourages the kids to have parties there. Especially since over half of our house is packed up and ready for the move. The other half is laying all over the floor. Yikes!
They started out with a big banner for Norah over the door that goes into their classroom. Norah also had on her special "It's My Birthday" shirt.

Then at the end of the day all of the kids came in and had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday.
There was even a crown with a 7 on it for the birthday girl.

Someone was just a little excited to get her presents.

Yeah! A new puzzle.
So sweet, all the kids and Norah's teachers put together a fantastic card for her and they even bought her a present. Nihao Kai-lan coloring book and story book. After all the treats we all spread out on the floor and put the puzzle together. So fun!
There were more presents after dinner at home. It was a wonderful birthday for Norah and she (and we) loved spending it with the kids and Norah's teachers.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry we are the worst friends ever! Happy belated Birthday, Norah! We love you! XOXO, Mike, Melissa and Eli