Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last weekend we found a great little park that is 0.4 miles from where our new house is. It also had a really nice play area for Norah. We even ended up meeting some of our new neighbors there.

 Norah was joking around when we told her it was time to go. She put our "beach" bag on her head.
 This is what we have been doing this weekend. Packing AGAIN! It seems like to short of a time period since we last had to pack everything up. At least this time we don't have to drive half way across the U.S. It amazes me how much stuff we have accumulated in our short time here and how much stuff we were actually able to stuff into this little place. We will be closing this week sometime, hopefully around Wednesday or Thursday, then we should get the keys late Thursday or Friday morning. So next weekend we will be moving into the new house.
Even Roman is getting into the moving spirit. Glen has been working with him on getting used to his carrier. Last time he had to ride in this thing he pooped everywhere. Let us hope that there is not a repeat performance.
We got Norah's EEG results back from the pediatric neurologist. There was no indication of epilepsy or "spikes" that would indicate seizure disorder. Yeah! They and we are hoping that it was a one time deal. She has been doing fine other than a slight stuffy nose this weekend that I think may be due to allergies and us stirring up a whole lot of dust while packing.


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Stacy said...

So glad to hear a positive report from her test results!!