Friday, July 20, 2012


Well, Boo has made it to 21 years old. I am proud of the person he has become. Boo is super lovey and sweet. If you needed it he would literally give you the shirt off his back and help you put it on. I woke up on Boos birthday to find him in the kitchen making waffles (from scratch) with one hand while holding his sister wrapped in her blue blanket on his hip with his other arm. He picked pizza and chocolate chip cookies for his birthday dinner. Low key and perfect for a birthday.
Then a couple days later he and Norah got to have 7 11 icees for the first time ever. Needless to say they are both hooked.  
Jess and Boo are now on the search for jobs. They are still finding their way around, getting their bearings and settling in to the downstairs. All things that must be done when starting over.
Jess it turns out is a fabulous cook as well. She made some cinnamon rolls last night that were amazing. She may very well be a chef in the making.
Glen is starting to get his fish tank set up (the HUGE one). It has become an obsession, obviously. I have never known anyone that can be so focused and so not focused at the same time. A trait that can have its ups and downs. One of the ups is that we are going to have a massive (120 gallon) gorgeus fish tank that you see as soon as you open the front door. Pictures to come later.


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