Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Days Fly By

The days seem to fly by so quickly. I wonder if it is part of getting older or if my time management skills have gotten even worse. There are a number of projects that we really need to get done around here before winter sets in. The air today has turned from hot yesterday to a gust of wind just a minute ago that actually made me shiver. The change in the seasons always seems to have a sense of urgency to it. Boo is busy sanding down the deck railing so that it can be painted this next weekend. The paint was chipping and exposing bare wood that would rot in no time out here. There are also a few boards that will have to be replaced. I have started trying to round up hats, gloves, coats and scarves. After last winter (our first one here) I think that a pair of lined waterproof boots are in order for each person.
We are attempting to not use the truck on the weekends if we have only small errands to run. This weekend we rode bikes up to the community center and registered Norah for ballet classes. We also hit the little farmers market here where Norah got to pet and feed carrots to a alpaca. Norah, Boo and I made up some purple play dough with glitter and lavender oil. We also made up just some plain pink play dough.
Still no word about my job at the surgery center. I dug out my resume and updated it, my references are still good (I have AWESOME references. Hi Melissa and William!) so if comes to it I can be ready in about a day to start applying other places. I will be very disappointed if it comes to that but as an adult I also know that sometimes you are just going to be disappointed.
Norah will have a full schedule this year as she goes to school, has physical therapy once a week, speech therapy once a week and ballet once a week. This past summer I think that she didn't get the interaction with other kids that she needed so we are going to try and keep that from happening again.
It's nice to be back in the cooler climate but we sure do miss our family back in Arkansas.

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