Tuesday, July 25, 2006

LID 7-22-06

We got word today that we were Logged in at CCAA on 7-22-06. Which I am really glad to hear because I think our dossier was one of the ones that got logged in during the move that CCAA made to their new building. We are now finally in line for a referral. I am going to down load the LID packet tonight to see what CCAI is predicting for the wait as of now. I hope it has not gone to longer than a year, but it's anybody's guess right now.

In other Big news Lori got the job on the OR heart team! She starts tomorrow. She is so looking forward to being in the OR even with all the new things she will have to learn. She will be a circulating nurse in the OR and also learn to scrub in and pass instruments when she is not circulating. Her regular hours are great, 6:00 AM to 2:30 AM. She will have to be on call alot but that goes with the territory, and they compinsate her for being on call. With matters of the heart things don't just go bad between the hours of 6:00AM and 2:30AM. As Lori sees it if they have to call her into the OR on her time off someone is having a whole lot worse day then she is and the least she can do is go in and try to help. Luckly with the job that I have I can deal with anything that comes up with Brandon or Norah so some one will always be available for the kids if they get sick or whatever. Congradulations Lori. You will do great!

Finally, we have been planning a trip to Germany to see my sister and her family for over a year and the time has come to make the trip. We had hoped to be DTC before we went and that has happened so now it is time to go and enjoy ourselves. We plan on going to Paris while we are there and also see some castles that Brandon wants to see. I am going to take Brandon's laptop with us when we go so I can try posting from another country for practice.


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