Thursday, July 13, 2006


As of 7-8-06 we are done with the paper chase and our dossier is in China. We are so relieved that we are now just days away from our LID(Log In Date). I am still hoping for a July LID. I will have to wait to see how that all pans out. We were told that it usually takes just under 4 weeks for LID from the date of DTC (Dossier To China) but it can take up to 8 weeks to find out when that date is/was.
We have done a little work on Norah's room. Above and below are some pictures of that progress ( I keep posting the pictures twice for some reason). We are painting the room in a kind of Beatrix Potter storybook theme. The wall art that, Lori is working on, will include the flopsy bunnies, Mrs.Tittlemouse, song birds (the little bird in the picture has found one of Peter's shoes that he lost while running from Mr.McGregor), Mr.Jeremy Fisher, Tom Kitten, and of course Peter Rabbit. To bring it all together we will have all the soft stuffed animals to go along with the books to read to her. I know from raising Brandon that for kids anytime is storytime and they LOVE to be read to. We love to read as well, so books will be a big part of Norah's life. She will have a fun and colorful room to play in and have the big dreams of a little girl stepping into the stories of Peter Rabbit and his friends.


jane said...

Congratulations! Our daughter and son-in-law's dossier was delivered to CCAA on June 13, 06 and their LID is June 22 for reference. And, the room is beautiful!

jane said...

Wait. . . I messed up. The dossier was sent 6/13. Delivered to CCAA 6/19 and the LID 6/22.

Anonymous said...

The room is very unique. I love the decore. Congrats on the DTC. Now you get to really hurry up and wait.