Saturday, July 01, 2006

Older boy adoption video

Here's a video I came across with the adoption of an older boy. The kids look so happy to be getting another brother. The boy has a look of shock at first but thats to be expected with the new turn of events in his life. But with all the sisters and new brother he will have plenty of help becoming accustomed to his new world.
I have an update to post on Lori's Interview for the heart team but I have to keep it under wraps while we wait for all the details to be worked out. All the hard work and countless hours Lori put into school are paying off. On the adoption front we haven't heard any news other than they got our dossier and everything is there that they need to look at. At least we didn't forget anything. All though we did have to send more photos of family life stuff. I don't know why, we sent them exactly what the paperwork asked for but we took some more photos anyway and express mailed them to ccai, so hopefully that's it.

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